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If you have landed here then it’s probably a good guess that you are keen on working in the field of real estate, either as a qualified real estate agent or broker, or as an unlicensed real estate assistant. You have made a good choice in visiting this website and in choosing such an exciting field. This is a career that will bring you some challenges to overcome (as with any career), but it can also be a very fulfilling life choice or even a satisfying part-time income.

Our main focus here is on those who want to work as an unlicensed real estate assistant and those who want to qualify to become a real estate agent or a real estate broker. We have also noticed that many qualified agents and brokers are looking for expert knowledge and pointers on the field, especially on marketing themselves in a competitive online world. We are here to answer all of those questions and more. So there is something for everyone.

Below we have included the basics you need to know if you are looking to train as a real estate agent. You will find links to relevant articles and pages on this site. Are you ready to get started?

Unlicensed Assistants

Perhaps you want to work in a real estate brokerage or firm to get a feel for the industry, or you do not want to complete training to work as a licensed agent. You do have the option to apply for a job as an unlicensed real estate assistant. See? There is something for everyone.

Here is an article that will help get you going as an unlicensed real estate worker. If you want to train and qualify as a licensed worker, or you are interested in learning more about this career, then please keep reading…

Real Estate Agent Training

The field of real estate offers a host of opportunities to help people sell, buy or rent property. People always need somewhere to live and work – so your chances of being hired and succeeding as a real estate agent are promising.

Before deciding if this is the right career path for you, you probably want to know what will be required of you to train as a real estate agent or broker. Real estate training and registration requirements are different in each US state. Please click on the state you live in and/or plan to work in for more detailed information:

Online Real Estate Agent Training

Some states allow students to study online or via correspondence to get a real estate license. These are usually entry-level courses but they do offer you the chance to study in the comfort of your home.

If you take a look at your state’s requirements by clicking on the map above, you will find links to approved schools that offer either classroom or online training. Please always make sure that the school you choose is approved by your state’s licensing body and that the course is state-approved too. If the school isn’t approved to give this training, then you won’t receive a valid license to practise as an agent.

Real Estate Agent

A licensed real estate agent earns money by helping people to buy, sell or rent property.  Whether the agent is helping people to find their dream home or investment property, or assisting them with selling their house and starting an exciting new adventure, a real estate agent’s job is a very important one. Property is a lucrative and exciting career.

Real estate agents and brokers are employed by real estate agencies or brokerages. No matter what part of the country you live in, there is always the need to buy, sell or rent property. This means that there are real estate jobs that need to be filled in every state.

Real Estate Agent Exam

Valuable School Subjects

If you are still in school and already have big dreams, then it’s good to know that there are some school subjects that may help you when working as a real estate agent.

Part of job is working with many different people. English and other languages taken at school will help you to communicate better with clients, and enhance the service you can offer your clients.

Math courses at school will teach you how to work with numbers, which forms part of a real estate agent’s daily tasks. As an agent you will negotiate prices and calculate your commission.

If you don’t have these subjects, or you are a little rusty, then don’t worry – training at a registered real estate training school will prepare you for every aspect of the job.

Real Estate Dictionary

There are many words that relate to the world of real estate. If you want to learn some of these terms or understand a certain word, please check out our valuable words page. We often add new words and definitions to this ever-growing list, so pop by as often as you can and increase your vocab.

Real estate agent selling home

Real Estate Agent Job Description

A real estate agent works as a licensed salesperson. The exact job description and role will depend on the position you apply for. There are several different options for you to choose from!

For example, a listing agent works with sellers, while a buyer’s agent works with (you guessed it) buyers. There are many types of real estate agents, and some agents call themselves by other titles such as “consultant” or “associate” – but they are all simply licensed real estate agents.

Typically, a real estate agent:

–   Acts as middle person between sellers and buyers

–   Places adverts and markets properties

–   Spends time communicating with buyers and sellers

–   Spends time inspecting and showing properties

Real Estate Agent Jobs

As you can see, real estate agents and brokers are very important in the world of property. Remember that all US states require that you get your real estate license before applying for a licensed job or give real estate advice.

If you have the necessary training and qualifications, then you are ready to enter the world of work and apply for a job. You can start by visiting our job board to see what’s available. Remember to keep your CV updated and ready to show to potential employers.

Real Estate Brokers and Realtors

After starting out as a real estate agent, you may decide to carry on and become a broker or Realtor. A broker can work independently on their own, or hire other real estate agents as salespersons. There are different requirements for getting a broker’s license than for getting a real estate agent’s license, depending again on the state in which you work.

To qualify, the broker’s exam needs to be completed. This exam is usually longer and more difficult than an agent’s exam. This is because brokers have more responsibilities – they are responsible for the people they hire, and they are expected to have more knowledge than a real estate agent.

A Realtor is a registered real estate professional who belongs to the National Association of Realtors and follows the organization’s strict code of ethics.